Since establishment in 1999, ORIVER, through team work of many years, has accumulated enriched professional technologies and experiences in glasses production and possessed a powerful design capacity, able to satisfy various customer requirements. Upholding the principle of innovation, quality, service and credibility, the company has won recognition and support from customers. With the tenet of sustainable operation, ORIVER bases itself in Taiwan and strives for steady development.

Credibility and quickness is the operating principle of the company. Our colleagues are required to be honest in speech, product and behavior, and be quick in motion and delivery. Every one is responsible for quality assurance so that our customers are provided with products of stable quality and delivery service of no delay.

We are always working hard to develop products of ORIVER style, persisting in research and design to avoid infringement of other’s rights. Meanwhile, we accept customized product design. With enriched practical experiences in product design, die R&D, production planning, and marketing etc., we can provide our customers with professional consulting service. In respect of customization service (contract production or commissioned design), we will strictly adhere to commercial ethics, respect intellectual property rights, and protect customer’s rights and interests.

At ORIVER, the entire production process, from conceptual development, production design, die R&D, production, quality control, till export and delivery, is finished inside our factory. Our self-owned factory can finish all details of glasses manufacturing, and our one-stop operation of glasses production can perform quality control completely within our quality assurance system, providing the highest quality guarantee for the products we deliver.

We emphasize customer requirements, and our strict control of product quality results in customer satisfaction. For us, profit is not the mere purpose of operating a company. Customer’s recognition of our designs and products and their friendly response are an important force driving us to work hard. With the heart of thanksgiving and feedback, we will be your loyal and reliable partner for ever.